Video made by our artist in residency Redha Medjellekh from Red Is Dancing.

Brazil has recently experienced a significant political shift that will have a strong impact on its future, maybe not the same kind of impact for everyone.
We asked the young girls from Providência, representing one of the most neglected part of the population, what they would do if they were to be elected President and their answers are pretty clear. Very clear-headed and realistic, bringing Hope & Optimism with music, here is their response! ✊🏽🇧🇷


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October & September 2018

We welcomed the Amargem project team who came all the way from Juiz de Fora, the state of Minas Gerais, in order to customize t-shirts with the kids using the image of the moon, symbol of Casa Amarela. In addition, we had a new parkour class, as well as a little time to go to the beach with some of the children, which was probably one of the best memories for some of them who often do not get to go with their families. We also were invited with three children by Roger Watters himself to assist to his show at the Maracanã Stadium! It was an unforgettable experience for all of us that reinforced the fight for access to education, culture and art for all. Every opportunity we get to visit places, and meet new people with these children, is an opportunity to grow together and get out of the favela and get to better understand the outside world.

We also received new teachers from Vikky Marie with light-painting, to Bruna with beauty and hygiene, to Talita with art therapy, to Orquestra da Rua with classical music and Mestre Cachorrão with boxe classes! It was months full of novelties for the children, where we finally got to include more classes for adolescents. The girls are enjoying weekly art therapy classes where they learn how to better to communicate about their emotions and feelings while creating art and sharing with other women, and the boys also have their own time to express their feelings during the boxe class, which as been such a successful activity since its start! Another amazing activity this month has been our classical music class, with four violin players from Providência who mix classical music with funk, one feature that definitely attracted the kids

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The children performed capoeira, theater, afro dance and hip-hop showing the results of more than six months of training. The performance took place in front of all the children families, teachers and other people from the community We also had the pleasure to have our graffiti and street artists create a  live mural. Thanks to the support of our hairdresser and makeup artist, our costume designer and of course all the professors and artists who help all year long create and make the children dreams come true, sharing knowledge and experiences, the day was a success! In fact, the courage and serenity in the children' eyes, the result of discipline and commitment, the atmosphere and mostly the joy of the participants are what made this day truly memorable.

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