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THE Kindergarten with art

After three and a half years of fieldwork since the Casa Amarela started operating every day we have noticed reading, expression and motor coordination difficulties in some children. This is why, we decided to create a daycare project with psychological support for the children on the top of Morro da Providência.

Every day from 2 pm to 4 pm, they have a space and workshops suitable for them, with literacy, theater, art, art therapy, yoga and storytelling teachers. All of these activities are accompanied by the psychologist.
Talita, art therapist at "Kindergarten with art", will be stimulating all cognitive, emotional, bodily and social development. These factors are fundamental for the development of all human being.


Children and adolescents have always been our biggest focus in terms of pedagogical program. With more than 55 children during the weekly activities, our methods are based on the notion of discipline, respect and responsibility. For this, we have the help of both local and foreign artists, from Providência itself, Rio de Janeiro and the world. The workshops and courses offered have three fundamentals, art education and culture. Today, these activities include all kinds of art (drawing, collage, painting, watercolor), music, rap, afro dance, hip hop and ballet, theater, photography, art therapy, boxing, among others.



Afro Dance Group

In his classes at Casa Amarela, Ernane Ferreira, dancer, choreographer and educator, integrates the body through dancing, seeking to create a language that results in empathy with students for better understanding and multiplication of knowledge. Beyond discipline, development of motor coordination and physical conditioning are main goals in the cultural empowerment, making students deconstruct the logic left by the discourses that value white and European cultures, and try to heal the scars of repression processes throughout Brazilian history. Through the learning of cultural appreciation, children become aware of the importance of the legacy left by Indians and black people, which created the rich Brazilian popular culture. Throughout the year, he builds narratives to allow them to reintegrate their oppressed ancestry, so that they take pride in their origins and cast a more critical eye on the consequences left by this oppression in our current social context.


Two years ago, we created a partnership with actress and theater teacher Cintia Sant'Anna who is our actual theater teacher at Casa Amarela. And so was born our first theater group, with several performances in pairs, with text in hands, which evolved into the creation of the first play, written by playwright Rodrigo Pinho and directed by Cintia Sant'Anna, "The Dream and Providência. " With a cast of 9 children from 12 to 14 years old, the play has been shown at Providência and will soon be presented at the Planeta Ginga Festival. The play talks about the difficulties faced in creating and maintaining a cultural project inside a favela: from rehearsal routine to communication with family and residents, all of course with humor and realism.





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The project "Youth of the Moon" aims to introduce young people, from 12 to 17 years old, to the working world through internships and vocational courses at the intellectual and manual levels. The internships and courses last from 1 to 6 months with possibilities of growth for the most assiduous students. It also offers diplomas to close the end of a module and thus the beginning of an access into the profession with beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. More than 12 students from Casa Amarela have participated in these courses and internships.


“The Moon Band" is a project that aims to transform the lives of young people from Morro da Providência through music. It was created with the support of music and dance artists, and also of audiovisual professionals. The first step is to make possible the contact of young people with music in a comprehensive way through the workshops that will be offered at Casa Amarela, connecting music, dance and acting classes in the same objective. The second step is to create a band formed by young artists who discovered their talents through the workshops, this will lead to the production of songs with their own composition and choreography. The third and final step is to produce audiovisual content to promote the work and development of young people as artists. This includes the creation of a YouTube channel, with the goal of making an impact on society by touching the hearts of people with viral messages that would focus on social issues. And thus causing a reflection on how society has been seeking solutions to solve these problems.



Our photography course started in April 2019 with a first module on the basics of photography (light, angles, interference, colors, editing, etc.). In September, the second module began. The end of this second module will provide the incredible opportunity to receive a UFF (Fluminense Federal University) diploma for all participating students. We are looking forward to providing a free computer space for students to add knowledge and practice in photo editing and other subjects around photography. In addition, through these courses, we wanted to create an exhibit about their dreams by using the photographs they took throughout the year. In parallel, we sought to showcase the craft and art products of the store that would be created, which would add to and encourage their dedication to presenting the work while working on their self-esteem and self-awareness.


Through the sale of handicrafts and artistic products that the youth created during their different courses and workshops, they will set up a co-op to sell these products. The first products to be sold will be macramé, embroidery (on fabrics and clothing), and tie-dye. All of these products will be created under the supervision of sales standards professionals. Indeed, students will learn about selling products through entrepreneurship, business dynamics, finance, communication, marketing and all that knowledge in the practical spirit of selling online products (e-commerce and instagram), and events in Rio and in Providência, and the sale in Casa Amarela. The aim is to show young people that, in addition to producing or learning how to make products, they can earn their living in an honest and enjoyable way in the world of crafts and art. Each student is responsible for a branch of the co-op: finance, communication, product manufacturing, sales, etc. chosen according to their strengths.




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Thanks to our pilot project and partnership with L'Oreal Brasil headquarters, we have developed a mentoring project in which young people aged 17-35 years old participate in workshops such as: vocational guidance, how to prepare a good curriculum, how to prepare for an interview, corporate English. They also learn about how a company operates, the different areas and departments. Among the objectives: getting them to discover the area in which they want to work professionally and to glimpse a future in the labor market are the most important, beside all the preparation for such insertion. The same group is already preparing at Casa Amarela, studying English and French.

Women in Crafts

A recent project that is already showing its importance. Manual work and professionalization in handicrafts and fashion techniques. With courses in sewing, embroidery, stamping, sustainable fabric tie-dye, macramê. This way, women are reinventing themselves or deepening a potential or taste for crafts.

Women in cooking

Soon, a cooking course project will be implemented at Casa, enabling women to develop functional recipes and set up their own business by selling food or opening their own establishment.

In parallel to this and thanks to the partnership with Casa Firjan and Senai, crowdfunding and entrepreneurship courses will complement the project as a whole.



Adults literacy

Thanks to Bianca Whately and her adult literacy project and school reinforcement for any age, adults are learning together with their children. It is never too late to learn. This program dedicated to adults today is open to other ages precisely by believing in the process of learning together and facilitating access for mothers and fathers.


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