Artist Residency

in the Moon

Casa Amarela is now also an artist residency that has already welcomed a few artists in its several bedrooms, which includes the spectacular moon. We receive artists from all over Brazil and the world in residency. In exchange, they provide artistic, educational and cultural workshops to the community, share their experiences and are often provided with the opportunity to exhibit their artwork and results of their projects with the youth.

If you have interest in participating to this residency, send us a project proposal to casaamarelaprovidencia@gmail.com, and we will get back to you!


Have a look at our previous residencies and projects with artists from France, United States and Brazil:


Delphine Diallo, a French-Senegalese visual photographer living in New York City came for five days to live a full experience with the community and give a collage workshop to the children and youth! It was a success, and another amazing experience for the children who also learnt to communicate in another language. 


Rachel Marks, an American contemporary artist, dancer and educator, based in France and art professor at Parsons Paris New School of Design. She stayed for two weeks in our artist residency, and developed one of her project called “Naturae Liber.” She is using antique books that she returns to their natural state, the trees from which they came. During her stay, she created two of these trees working more than 30 hours with the youth. 


Redha Medjellekh, French producer and choreographer, creator of Red Is Dance, a creative agency specialized in dance, graced us with his presence and brilliant work. He produced a dance video introducing our teenage girls showing their talents around afro dance, funk, and hip-hop with the help of our current dance teachers and a classical orchestra from Providência called the Orquestra de Rua, composed of Gláucia da Silva Maciel, Gilbert Vilela Gomes Junior, Juliane Nascimento de Souza and Jéssica Cristina D’Ornelas.


Max Frieder, co-founder and co-diretor of Artolution, a collaborative art project that has been developed all over the world in refugee camps, conflict zones in Bangladesh, Turkey, Columbia, Pakistan and even Calais in Northern France. He has spent four days with our community creating an amazing piece of art and music - the “foundstrument,” using recycled object collected around the favela by the children themselves. One of the most musical, colorful and surprising project where the children had the freedom and experience of turning everyday trash into a piece of art. 

Fotografia - 20-08-18 - -3.jpg

Mariche, French photographer and part of the team at Clichés Urbains, spent an entire week at Providência working with children and adolescents on a photography project. She offered classes on different photography techniques from perspective to lightpainting also using ideas such as sleeveface contests in order to reflect upon issues such as discrimination and life in politics. At the end of her residency, all the children received a participation certificate and truly are looking forward to upcoming photography experiences.